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Snøhetta-Designed Library Coming to Far Rockaway

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The old Far Rockaway Library, which was used as a disaster relief center after Hurricane Sandy, has one review on Yelp: "LOUD!! LOUD!! This has got to be the loudest library I've ever been to." Luckily for that Yelp reviewer (and everyone else), the old library is being replaced by a brand new one from Times Square redesigners Snøhetta, who released renderings of the project today.

The new library will be twice the size of the old one (dispersing all that noise) and at least seventeen times as design-y, clad in fritted, colored glass intended to reflect the sky of the Long Island coastline. There will be a triangular corner carved out and covered with transparent glass for the entrance, which will open into an inverted pyramidal atrium. "The central atrium space allows the penetration of natural light to the ground floor within the interior of the deep floor plate, as well as a view of the sky from within the building. The inverted pyramid collects sunlight with the widest point at the top, narrowing towards the bottom, where the bulk of the program is located," Snøhetta principal Craig Dykers told Queens Community Board 14 at a presentation last June. The project will also seek LEED Silver Certification and will, of course, be placed at an elevation above the new FEMA flood zone guidelines.

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