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Shvo's Sheep Station; A Mobile Greenhouse for Gowanus

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[Photos by David Stein]

CHELSEA?Michael Shvo's gas station at 239 10th Avenue will one day be demolished to make way for a luxury condo building, but in the meantime, the developer and art collector is getting creative with public art. "Sheep Station," the work of surrealist sculptor Francois-Xavier Lalanne, turned the old Getty station into an undulating green pasture with a herd of epoxy stone and bronze sheep. Curbed intern David Stein recently stopped by to check it out. [Curbed Staff; previously]

GOWANUS?The Lightstone Group, much to neighbors' disappointment, is preparing to build a colossal 700-unit development on the edge of the Gowanus Canal, and they're trying to win over the neighborhood with little community contributions. They've donated $1,000 to the Gowanus Canal Conservancy and a Brooklyn student to construct a mobile greenhouse that will "be transplanted around the Canal, beautifying and detoxifying the local environment." [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]