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Landmarks Designates a Building, Calendars Six More

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The Landmarks Preservation Commission had a busy day yesterday, hating, loving, and feeling sort of ambivalent about proposals for new buildings. But in the midst of all that, they also found time to designate one old building—the Long Island Business College at 143 South 8th Street in Williamsburg—a city landmark. The former college, current condominium building founded by Henry C. Wright, designed by architect William H. Gaylor in the Romanesque Revival style, and constructed in 1890-1892.

The Commission also calendared a second extension of the Park Slope Historic District (the Ortners would be so proud) as well as six more individual buildings, one in Brooklyn and five in Midtown East. Clinton Hill's M.H. Renken Dairy Company Engine Room Building was calendared so that it could be considered along with the adjacent, already calendared M.H. Renken Dairy Company Office Building. The five Midtown East buildings, which probably represent an effort to get out ahead of the big rezoning that will result in a lot of new development, are the Graybar Building, the Shelton Hotel (formerly the Halloran House), the Beverly Hotel (formerly the Benjamin Hotel), the Hotel Lexington, and the Pershing Square Building. The Landmarks Preservation Commission will vote on whether or not to designate each one as an individual landmark at a later date, but they'll probably vote yes on all of them, because that's pretty much how it works.
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