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The Smallest, Saddest Apartment In The City Is $1,275/Month

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We've seen plenty of small apartments in our day, and even tried living in one, but this sad sack of a studio in Harlem is probably the most depressing. There are actually two of these 100-square-foot babies on the rental market, units #1F and #2F at 14 Convent Avenue between 127th and 128th streets, priced at an insane $1,275/month. It's almost too disheartening to make fun of?almost. The Daily News investigated the two apartments (can we even call them that?) at this converted SRO, likening them to jail cells while noting that prisoners have more spacious accommodation, plus three hot meals a day.

No floorplans are available, and the Elliman listing photos might fool you into thinking that it's L-shaped with room for a bed, but the NYDN photo?with a reporter lying down for some much-needed human scale?shows that's it's basically an eight-foot-wide rectangle with a little extra nub carved out by the windows. With a galley kitchen and a bathroom. A Columbia senior who lives upstairs in a slightly larger studio tells the News, "It is just a place to put my bed." But, pray tell, where?

Some of the more amusing brokerbabble?

Offered is a brand new alcove studio with three, large, east-facing windows allowing for robust sunlight throughout the day. Floors are contemporary dark-wood, and kitchen appliances are newly-installed, jet-black. Cabinet space is generous. Bathroom is new with rainforest showerhead. The building is a gut-renovated pre-war structure with laundry in the basement and a garden for exclusive use by tenants. ... Suitable for one person. Perfect for students or young professionals who wish to enjoy the vivacity of South Harlem. Because they can't fit inside their own apartments! Also: "Studios are small, clean, with compelling renovation." Yeah, that first adjective.
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