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West Village Slice of Glass Building Panned by Landmarks

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The plans for a Peter Samton-designed mixed-used condominium building at 130 Seventh Avenue South have been met with staunch opposition from the community at both the community board and Landmarks Commission levels. In fact, so many people offered public testimony at a Landmarks hearing back in July that the Commission was forced to adjourn for the day and give their opinions on the building at a later date. That later date was yesterday, and, for Samton and developers Continental Ventures and the Keystone Group, it was probably not worth the wait.

"This project isn't anywhere yet," said Commissioner Margery Perlmutter, who also noted that the glass balconies and penthouse, despite being made out of the same materials, were speaking "different languages." Commissioner Michael Goldblum called the building "not appropriate for the district," and, taking it a step further, compared the designs to "an industrial loft that has been added to in the '80s." Commissioner Joan Gerber didn't even want to comment on the designs as the presentation neglected to adequately show the rear facade of the building. "The next presentation has to be a little more precise bringing us around the building," she said, adding, "the penthouse is much too tall."

Long story short, this one is coming back.
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