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Unexciting United Nations Waterfront Skyscraper Revealed

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After two years of waiting, we've finally gotten a glimpse at the new United Nations tower, and it's pretty... average (h/t DNAinfo). Designed by FXFOWLE and Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki, the thrillingly named UN Consolidated Building must be shorter than the iconic Secretariat building to its north. The striated skyscraper will rise to 546 feet tall on its lot along First Avenue between 41st and 42nd streets; it will contain about 850,000 square feet and have a slight square indentation on its northern facade.

The effort to unite 2,700 members of the institution's staff and operations in a single structure has been contentious because of its location near on top of Robert Moses Playground in Murray Hill. The UN finally struck a land swap deal with the city that gave a green light to the tower and adjoining esplanade, as well as a revamped pier. To be fair, the design is probably kind of meh because of all the restrictions imposed upon it, namely, the requirement that it jive (aesthetically) with the Secretariat building. Meanwhile, the playground will be around for a little while longer, because the tower is just entering the city's nine-month ULURP vetting process. Presuming it's approved, DNAinfo reports, construction would begin in 2015 and last three years.

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