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Artists Shown Door, Hotel Planned at Greenpoint Warehouse

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An eviction of artists, a plan to replace their Greenpoint warehouse with a hotel, and a dash of our favorite barredchitect Robert Scarano: the saga of 233 Norman Avenue has it all. The building is currently full of artists' and business owners' lofts (and has been host to a number of openings and exhibitions), but owner Joe Torres plans, according to Brooklyn Paper, to add a floor to the building and turn the place into a hotel. The plans for the addition were filed by Scarano Architects, and the plans have actually been in the works since 2006.

Torres, who also owns Greenpoint's Box House Hotel, has issued eviction notices to the tenants of 233 Norman's top two floors, who have a month to move out. Tenants on the first floor don't yet know their fates. The evicted tenants grudgingly concede that Torres has helped them, though, offering a place to at least one tenant in another building he owns. The tenant admits to the Brooklyn Paper that Torres "seems to have a heart buried in there somewhere."
?Building image via PropertyShark
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