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Redesigned Sky Garage Penthouse Wants A Whopping $23M

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It's finally here. What? Oh, the eagerly awaited total overhaul (and mega price hike) of the penthouse at Annabelle Selldorf-designed 200 Eleventh Avenue?better known as the Sky Garage building, where special elevators from the future transport your vehicle up to its own bedroom. Hitting the market today is the 3,598-square-foot three-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom palace (with 668 feet of outdoor space across two terraces and 80 feet of Hudson River frontage), made over by SuperPier developers Youngwoo & Associates and boundary-pushing Dutch firm MVRDV. And yes, the price tag is much more ambitious than prior PH go-arounds, as we expected: $23 million. Million Dollar Listing New York's Ryan Serhant is brokering the sale, of course. Construction is expected to finish next month, so take a look around while you wait.

The apartment's lower level includes the master suite, a second bed and bath, and a family room/study, while the upper level has the expansive living/dining/entertaining space, powder room (duh), guest bedroom, and the en suite garage (even after all these years, it's still futuristic to think of those words going together).

One of the most unique features of the apartment is this "Sky Vault" contraption, pictured above. Basically, you can get between the two floors by elevator, or by via sunken cave in the center of the living space, which serves as a stairwell, art gallery, storage for expensive wine, and general show-off chamber that looks like it should be in a Bond movie or a Dan Brown novel or the Louvre. Officially, it's a "disappearing, glass-encased staircase and vertical chamber. Maximizing efficiency and creating character, the Sky Vault is on display as the heart of PH1 and is an exhibition for its residents' most prized possessions. Boasting a glass ceiling, Cumaru stairs, and extending glass railing and operable hatch for access, the Sky Vault exquisitely transforms the stairwell into a safe and a gallery?becoming its own work of art in the process."

We'll leave you with a bit more of the most mellifluous brokerbabble about this "penthouse in the sky":

Penthouse 1 is the definition of "trophy." ... Adding to the list of renovations for PH1 is the Sky Garage, accessed by a personal elevator that carries your car to the parking space adjoining the apartment in less than 60 seconds. Now completely clad in wall-to-ceiling, high gloss stainless steel, the reflective garage space, with large windows to the East, will highlight your vehicle as well as the incredible city views. Because for $23 million, your car damn better get a view, too!
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