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$3.9M Liberty Street Triplex Wants Another $12,257/Month

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Hopefully the $12,257/month maintenance on this triplex at 55 Liberty Street comes with someone to clean those white carpets and floors, move those towels before you step into the shower, and artfully arrange those throws before guests arrive. The place is asking $3.9 million for 4,400 square feet, and there are some high ceilings and decent views. A look back at past listings for the property also hints at why oh why the maintenance is so high. When the apartment was listed with another broker earlier this year (it also took a recent turn as an FSBO), it had a lower maintenance of just $7,995, as well as a lower price of $2.68 million. But, the listing reveals, the maintenance reflected "a $3,623.50/month owner incentive for 3 full years." Apparently, as the market becomes more competitive, the owner is no longer in such an incentivizing mood.
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