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Uh Oh, Children's Aid Society Will Sell Yet Another Property

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The Children's Aid Society sparked a pretty major neighborhood battle when it sold off two Sullivan Street properties, which are currently getting converted to condos. First the Village, and now the Upper East Side?hey, the market's good, and the nonprofit is planning to offload its Rhinelander Children's Center at 350 East 88th Street. A member of the Committee to Save Rhinelander writes to alert us to the fact that, despite the lack of an official listing (they may still be taking bids), the decision is final, and programming at the center will conclude in June of 2014. The grassroots anti-sell initiative, made up of administrators, teachers, and parents, is also looking into relocating to another space. Unfortunately, even though the handsomely gabled Rhinelander house dates back to 1891, a 1950s alteration botched the facade and despite a $1.9 million renovation, its exterior architecture isn't what it used to be. In 1988, the society sold off a corner parcel and a playground nearby, which are now condos, so will the sale of the Rhinelander house write another chapter to that story?
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