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Casino Syndicator Wants $13.5M for Ridiculous Rushmore Pad

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Michigan-based businessman Michael J. Malik, Sr., who made his fortune bringing casino gambling to Detroit in the '90s, bought this apartment in the Rushmore in 2010 for $5.4 million, entering contract ten days after filing for divorce from his 27-year-old wife of six weeks. It's unclear what the place looked like when Malik bought it, but the brokerbabble mentions that "the entire home has been completely renovated and it was a meticulous two [year] project to complete." The floorplan is basically the same, so, apparently, what happened here was that this guy bought a penthouse apartment in the Rushmore and thought to himself, You know what would really increase the resale value of this place? If the whole thing was covered in gold paint and lion statues. And then he carried out his vision and listed it for $13.5 million. To be fair, considering how much time Malik must spend inside casinos, this decor probably seemed fairly subdued at the time.

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The Rushmore Condominium

80 riverside boulevard, new york, ny 10069-0318