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Details Unveiled for Long-Awaited $21-$60M Puck Penthouses

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The first peek at renderings from the Puck Building's under-construction addition of six penthouses only piqued our interest for more. Luckily, the Times profiles young real estate scion Jared's Kushner's favorite project, revealing lots of juicy details about the eagerly anticipated development. First of all, the pricing: the only unit that's market-ready?a 4,895-square-foot 3BR/4.5BA that is beautifully photographed here?is $21 million while the other five PHs will range from that, um, bargain all the way up to $60 million. Five of the apartments replace office space on the eighth and ninth floors, while the other will occupy a rooftop addition. Also, two are duplexes, three have outdoor space, and three overlook a garden. They will be named with Roman numerals, I-VI, because that's not pretentious at all. We shall forgive because they look gorgeous.

The design was something Kushner agonized over, along with lead architect Jose Ramirez and PKSB Architects' Sherida Paulson. (Jared K, by the by, "spends at least three days a week on the construction site and isn't shy about scolding anyone who forgets to put dust-slippers over his or her shoes before entering.") He and his team tried to preserve as many features from the 128-year-old building's original design as possible: which leads to an industrial-yet-elegant combination of fluted iron columns, exposed brick walls, and beautiful barrel-vault ceilings. That said, modern trappings have found their way into the plans, too. At least in the one finished unit (VI!), these include:

1) A 59-inch-wide, brass-and-steel, French-imported La Cornue range in 20 x 18' kitchen, which also has heated terrazzo floors and bespoke glass-and-nickel doors.
2) A 1,285-square-foot great room.
3) The 1,6000-square-foot master suite has sitting room equipped with a gas fireplace, and its his (Travertine slabs, heated floors, steam shower with built-in teak backrest) and hers (glass rain shower, free-standing stainless-and-ceramic tub, 19-inch TV built into the medicine cabinet) bathrooms are pretty ridiculous.
4) A soundproof media room.
5) Walls that are "art ready for major pieces."
6) Windows framed with (rich) mahogany. Custom, of course. With built-in UV protection so your couch fabric and Picassos don't fade.

Every element, down to the door hinges, were painstakingly chosen. Most of the incredibly customized furniture and art in the apartment is available for purchase?for an extra price, of course. Each unit has a unique floorplan. (Kushner apparently "fussed" over the layouts for two years.)

The penthouses will have a private entrance at 293 Lafayette (the main building's address is 295), and the lobby will contain a European cast-iron fireplace "an amusing stained-glass caricature of Puck by the elevator." Kushner literally sees the project as his baby, and it's a good thing he doesn't have to choose between his figurative and literal children: he and his family (wife Ivanka Trump, toddler Arabella, and another baby on the way) will definitely be taking one of the units. It's unclear when exactly the penthouses will officially list, but Elliman's Raphael DeNiro and Dennis Mangone are handling the marketing.
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