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Bushwick Residents Protest Controversial Rezone Plan

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[photo by Diego Cupolo/Curbed Photo Pool]

The Bushwick gentrification train keeps on a-chuggin'.

On Wednesday, a group of residents protested Community Board 4's recent approval of a controversial plan to rezone nine blocks of industrial area in Bushwick for residential use. The vote—which took place in July—was closed to the public (illegal according to state law) and protestors are calling on the city to disapprove CB4's decision, garnering 200 to 300 signatures on a circulating petition.

The developer, Read Properties, plans to build condos and retail space in the area that used to house the disused Rheingold Brewery. CB4 district manager, Nadine Whitted, took responsibility for the private vote but said they had Bushwick's best interests at heart. Board member Martha Brown, however, paints a sobering picture of Read Properties as a powerful business interest holding hostage the prospect of affordable housing in the new development.

"If we vote against this and they don't work with us, they'll really come make a Williamsburg," she said.

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