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If Those Walls Could Talk

As part of New York Magazine's roundup of city apartments where celebrities bunk (or have bunked), tenants who lay their heads where bold-faced names have before them share their stories. Choreographer George Balanchine had an apartment by Lincoln Square?naturally? and he left behind recipe books for the lady who took over the flat in 1985. Meanwhile, Allen Ginsberg crashed on East 12th Street, and the Bedford + Bowery blog editor who lives there today knew even before he saw the apartment in person that he'd take it (yup, this one). That's some due diligence: "I would watch old videos?there's one of him strolling in the Village and then walking into his apartment, and when I saw it, I thought, Oh, man, there's that shelf that's over there! That's really the only thing left in the apartment, a little indentation where he had the record player." [NYM; photo of Allen Ginsberg's window via EV Grieve]