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Penthouse Reveal At 21 W. 20th; Dumbo Clocktower's Cameo

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FLATIRON DISTRICT?Twelve very pretty oversized residences are headed for 21 West 20th Street as part of a Beyer Blinder Belle-designed luxury condo development. There are nine full-floor apartments (excuse us, Tower Suites, in PR rep parlance) that measure 1,300 square feet apiece, and now details about the building's four penthouses (erm, Skytop Penthouse Homes) have been unveiled. Penthouses 1 (11th floor), 2 (12th), and 3 (top floor and rooftop solarium) are 100 feet wide, "thought to be the widest in New York," and will range from $15-17 million for square feet in the four thousand range plus big private terraces. Penthouse 4, a duplex with 2,700 square feet of interior space and a 1,210-square-foot terrace, will ask $8.5-10M. See more renders here. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously; official]

DUMBO?How did we miss this? Amid all our extensive coverage of the clocktower penthouse at 1 Main Street, which still hasn't found a buyer despite a broker switch and a PriceChop to $18 million, we didn't realize that it served as the setting for a They Might Be Giants video. Thanks to a tipster, who was "pleasantly surprised to see a familiar, still-unsold property as the backdrop," we watched the band croon their 1996 song "Older," which is about, well, growing up and the all-too-quick passage of time. The clocktower penthouse, which has zig-zagged on and off the market since 2009, definitely knows a thing or two about that. It's also not the first time the apartment has served as an artistic muse. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

1 Main Street

1 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201