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Extell's Last Riverside South Project To Hit Market in November

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After years of work on its Riverside South project, developer Extell is finally (almost) ready to unveil the last of its residential developments in the 'hood. A teaser website for One Riverside Park (regular, non-vanity address: 50 Riverside Boulevard) is now up, as one eagle-eyed Curbed tipster pointed out this afternoon, and we reached out to find out a little bit more about the project. Sales will launch in November, and the building contains 219 apartments from one-bedrooms to seven-bedrooms. Pricing, according to the range on the teaser site's registration page, will begin around $1 million for 1BRs, $2 million for 2BRs, $3 million for 3BRs, $4 million to $10 million for 4BRs, and over $15 million for the five-bedroom-and-larger penthouses. No real surprises there.

Above is a rendering of the residents' lounge. It, and the rest of the building interiors, were designed by Shamir Shah. Reps tell us the sales office, to be found at Freedom Place South and 62nd Street once sales launch, "will feature something never done before." Taking guesses in the comments.
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