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Brooklyn Flea Expands Empire; Williamsburg Waterfront Watch

And now, the latest from Racked NY, shopping and retail from the sidewalks up?

1) Park Slope: Starting Columbus Day weekend, the Brooklyn Flea will start running the weekend market at PS 321 in the Slope, extending its clutches beyond Williamsburg and Fort Greene. Cue the Dr. Evil "take over the world" laugh, except... are artisanal eats and handcrafted goods that bad?

2) Uptown: Kate Spade has just debuted a cheeky, cheery UWS store; meanwhile, on the Upper East, there's a newly opened Alexander McQueen flagship-slash-palace gracing Madison Avenue.

3) Williamsburg: Joining a host of other trendy new workout spots, Columbia Street CrossFit is expanding to the Williamsburg waterfront. As is Brick + Mortar, a home goods shop with change purses shaped like those ubiquitous deli coffee cups.

4) Citywide: Costumes, so soon? Spirit Halloween is erecting 30 stores across the city, where you can shop for a Hunger Games training shirt or a Breaking Bad-style hazmat suit.
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