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Touring The City's Coolest Homes; Value Of Landmarks Battle

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CITYWIDE?This weekend, catch a glimpse of some of the coolest homes in NYC as part of the Dwell/New York Magazine City Modern event. From the Skyhouse with its sleek metal slide to artist David Salle's ginormous Fort Greene townhouse, the usually off-limits private residences will be pretty droolworthy for the architecturally curious. And if you cant make it out this weekend, check back on Curbed for photographs and details after we tour a few of the mindboggling pads ourselves. Ticket prices vary depending on how many homes you want to see or events you want to attend; visit the EventBrite page for details. [CurbedWire Inbox; official; previously]

CITYWIDE?In a completely unsurprising turn of events, today REBNY issued a report (warning: PDF!) whose takeaway message was that "[n]early 30 percent of Manhattan properties are now protected by regulations governing landmarks?a milestone that will stifle job creation and important economic development initiatives, increase the cost of living in New York, and further homogenize much of the borough's neighborhoods." Meanwhile, Historic Districts Council executive director Simeon Bankoff wrote to us: "I was unable to comment about REBNY's fresh new pro-affordable housing stance as I was distracted by a fleet of flying pigs and an ice emergency in Hell." And the world continues to spin on its proper axis. Carry on. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]