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Lenox Hill Bathroom Face-off: Staid or Leopard-Print?

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Imagine you have around $1,800,000 to spend on a place and you've narrowed it down to two apartments in the same neighborhood. How do you make up your mind? The answer is simple: you shove them into a metaphorical cage and let them battle it out until one emerges victorious. It's time for Real Estate Deathmatch.

Address: 201 East 62nd Street #14C/ 130 East 63rd Street #2C
Price: $1,775,000 $1,750,000
Maintenance: $2,802 $3,740
Square Footage: 1,400 1,500
Beds, Baths: 2, 2.5 2, 2

? This newly renovated Classic 5 in 201 East 62nd Street has a lot of wood paneling and prewar-looking details, and gains the upper hand on its 2BR, 2BA counterpart with an additional powder room. And what a powder room! With the wallpaper and framed pictures of pinup girls, it's like being inside the belly of a particularly randy jungle cat.

? The second-floor condop at 130 East 63rd Street is the much more modern-looking of the two apartments, and also boasts 100 extra square feet to go along with its 33 percent higher monthly charges. It has been on the market for a couple months and just dropped its price by $150,000.

Poll results

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