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How 22 Modules Created A New Daycare Center In The Bronx

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Garrison Architects is basically leading the charge when it comes to New York's myriad modular construction projects, having been involved in the post-Sandy Rockaway Beach comfort stations, a mock-up of prefab disaster relief housing for Downtown Brooklyn, Red Hook's planned zero-energy building, and a new Pod Hotel branch in Williamsburg. One of their latest efforts is Lehman College's recently opened daycare center, which was constructed out of 22 18-ton modules that were manufactured off-site. Using a modular, um, model minimized the disturbance Lehman had to experience during construction. The 12,000-square-foot space stacked with classrooms is sandwiched between two existing campus buildings, so it's especially cool to watch this video of a giant crane painstakingly hoisting one rectangular prism into place.

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