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Big Reveal: $810,000 For A One-Bedroom Walk-Up In Tribeca

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The value added by a hyped-up area versus the value subtracted by a small walk-up apartment: that was the debate that played out among 45 commenters on this week's PriceSpotter property. The sides were clearly divided about 184 Franklin Street #4, because guesses started at $550,000?put forth by royal.7, who explained that it's "[a] nice find if one is seeking a rental, no doubt. ... Considering the lack of elevator service, the comps make this not one hair over $550k." Aaaand then the serious guesses topped out at $1.4 million. (Though one pithy jokester noted: "Boutique penthouse. $17,000,000.00.") No correctly identified the actual ask of $815,000, but lorinsr proffered "$809,999 Bob!" and Manhattan 4 Ever got the closest, providing a $800-$810K range, though he called it the owner's "dream price," adding that "[a] couple could swing it but I still do not see why to buy a 4th floor walk up in Tribeca when for the dream price you could buy a condo 1 bed in a good hood of Manhattan or Brooklyn."

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