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See Updated Designs For Long-Awaited Astor Place Revamp

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[Renderings via DDC Flickr]

The signs went up a few weeks ago, and the official press release hit our inbox today?the extreme makeover of Astor Place and Cooper Square is ON. The designs, created by WXY Architecture, have been slightly updated since they were revealed in 2011, but the plan remains the same: enlarge Cooper Park, streamline the street grid, and create new permanent pedestrian plazas. The work will cost $16 million, and it's starting at East 4th Street, where new drainage catch basins, curbs, and sidewalks are being constructed. From there, work will progress north to create the new Village Plaza along Cooper Square between 5th and 6th Streets, with construction starting later this year. At the same time, Cooper Triangle Park will be revamped with new seating, more plantings, and upgraded lighting, and the surrounding sidewalks will be widened.

In 2014, work will begin on upgrading the Astor Plaza subway plaza and constructing Alamo Plaza between Lafayette Street and Cooper Square. Both will receive new seating, raised planters, and more trees; in total, the project will plant 60 additional trees. The Department of Design and Construction is managing the project on behalf of the Department of Transportation, and Grace Church School and the Village Alliance will serve as maintenance partners for the new plazas once work finishes in 2015.
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