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Bank Street Townhouse Returns With White Walls, Higher Price

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The 20-foot-wide townhouse at 56 Bank Street, once eyed by our old pal Courtney Love, has been on and off the market since 2007 with the asking price holding steady around $5.75 million. Unable to find a buyer, the sellers did the obvious: up the asking price. The house has returned, with a price tag of $7.3 million. A comparison of the new listing photos to the old ones shows little has changed, save for the gold and red walls being whitewashed. But a new coat of paint does not a renovation make. Are white walls really worth the extra $1.55 million?

The house has just two bedrooms, the third floor master suite and the English basement studio, which also has a pantry kitchen. There's a stone patio out back, and the new listing highlights "a new roof." There's no mention of a rooftop patio or the ability to create one?probably because it's a historic district block and any exterior alterations would have to be vetted by the Landmarks Preservation Commission.
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