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Airbnb Victorious in Court, Does Not Violate City Hotel Law

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On Thursday, an administrative law panel has ruled in favor of Airbnb in a legal battle over short term renter's rights in New York City.

The case involved an East Village tenant who had rented out his room to a Russian tourist for three nights. He was initially fined $40,000 by the Department of Buildings for breaking hotel laws. The tenant, his landlord, and Airbnb fought the case, arguing that such an arrangement doesn't violate city law, as long as the resident is present during the guest's stay. The appeal court's decision overturns an earlier ruling that found the tenant guilty, and effectively nullifies the remaining fine.

In recent months, the popular apartment-sharing site has been under increased scrutiny as landlords and public officials have been cracking down on "illegal hotels." However, Thursday's ruling marks a clear victory for Airbnb and tenants looking to rent out their apartments—good news for renters in the lead-up to the Super Bowl!
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