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Tribeca Fractal Pad Features Minimalist Design, Fake Windows

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The Fractal Pad of Tribeca is designed by architect Matthew Bremer. Inspired by "the formal logic of fractal geometry," the apartment is bright and airy, with a lot of wide open space and a clean, minimalistic design shrouded in white and beige tones. Inside, there is a defined angularity in the layout, but it doesn't feel too rigid or stiff. The Fractal Pad only features southern exposure, so the owner has installed an electronic wall by Joshua Tree video artist Jeffrey Wells, featuring a projection of window frames of light on the northern wall. It's a very strange effect, but it works with the rest of the apartment's unobtrusive nature. Amenity-wise, the Fractal Pad has a top-of-the-line kitchen, walk-in closets, heated bathroom floors, and the aforementioned projector, which can be used as an entertainment system. We would have taken our own pictures, but the owner apparently wasn't okay with that and the docent scolded us when we tried.

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25 North Moore Street

25 North Moore Street, New York, NY 10013