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Dome Of Umbrella Bits Will Sail To Governors Island, Ask $20K

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After a series of mishaps, the Harvest Dome project, a brainchild of SLO Architecture that is made out of the metal parts of 400 umbrellas, has completed its month-long stint in Inwood Hill Park. Deemed a success, it is due to set sail for Governors Island tomorrow?and because it will be pulled by a tug and a barge, it hopefully won't get waylaid at Rikers Island and deflate like last year. If you want to watch the dome's journey south, it'll pull up anchor at 7:30 a.m., board its barge around 9, traverse the Harlem and East Rivers into the Buttermilk Channel from 9 a.m. to noon, and then get carried to Colonel's Row by 2 p.m. There, it'll dry-dock, and on view to the public at the art fair on Governors Island during every weekend in September, and it's priced at $20,000 for the right buyer to take home after the fair is over. (Just in case you were wondering, we did the math, and if you buy cheapo umbrellas streetside, it would take just $2,000 to buy enough to MYO dome. But then you'd have to piece the spokes together, and hey, we're not all architects.)

Via SLO, about its ideal buyer:

A group or individual that understands and appreciates the dynamics of the waterways and the city. A conservancy, a foundation, a research society, art-space or an individual that appreciates the layers of ecosystems, settlement, and commerce. The Dome would be beautiful in a calm body of water, or hanging from the ceiling of a tall room so that people could walk underneath into it and see through the oculus. · SLO Architecture [Tumblr]
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?Photos via Andreas Symietz and the SLO Tumblr