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West Village House With Restaurant Marks Itself Down $1M

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430 Hudson Street began as a "price upon request" situation, but the price was quickly revealed to be $11.6 million. That price tag is somewhat offset by the rent from the ground floor?which has been leased to an unnamed "high-end restaurateur" for $180,000/year?and, for an investor, the potential rent from the building's residential space (with rooftop hot tub), which could go for $30,000/month. And the price tag is further offset by a recent chop, by a relatively modest $1 million, to $10.6 million. UPDATE: The listing broker tells us the space is now open, and there's a significant layer of sheetrock between the commercial and residential spaces, so there goes commenters' theory that the restaurant might disturb the building's residential tenant.
A buyer could live in the space or rent it out?or, the brokerbabble suggests, a "local attorney/doctor/agent" might be the ideal buyer. He or she could "use the upper portion of the residence as a live/work space, as the penthouse and fourth floor could easily be utilized an office space. The 12 person commercial elevator has the ability to bypass the residential floors and go directly to the proposed penthouse office suite." It's certainly a possibility.

UPDATE: The broker tells us that "the original price included a significant amount of work to be done to the proposed master suite on the fourth floor, which is now an open floor plan. The price included 1) drawing approved architectural plans, 2) going through DoB to get the plans approved, 3) picking finishes, 4) completing the construction, 5) delivering the space approved from DoB." That floor is now an open floorplan.

Here are the floorplans:

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