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Economist Of Doom Ordered To Remove Penthouse Hot Tub

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Economist and NYU professor Nouriel Roubini is known for exactly two things: predicting the financial crisis of the last decade; and throwing orgiastic parties jam-packed with models. The latter claim to fame might be harder to keep up, now that the Department of Buildings has ordered the so-called Dr. Doom (future nickname: Party Pooper?) to remove the hot tub he bought for the renovated, tricked-out rooftop. Apparently, according to the official DOB complaint slapped down in February, the heavy hot tub makes the building shake and vibrate and compromises its structural stability. One would think that his packed rooftop ragers would do that no matter what, without any help from the Jacuzzi. The Post reports that the economist also has to remove the new wooden deck, a propane gas grill, and an extra room he built up there, which houses a bar and a bathroom. In 2010, Roubini bought what was then the East Village's priciest apartment, a 2,700-square-foot triplex with cantilevered staircases at the top of Brick House Condominiums, after it had been PriceChopped by about $2M to $5.5 million. The hot tub may not have been the smartest move for the man who has said beautiful women love him for his brains, but in the end, it only incurred a $600 fine. And one anonymous source remarked: "Knowing him, he'll just move the hot tub inside." Party on, Nouriel.

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