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Midtown East Rezoning Plan Needs Just One More (Big) OK

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Earlier this year, the City Planning Commission sat through an epic hearing with over 110 testimonials for and against the much-debated Midtown East rezoning proposal. Today, in a unanimous vote, the commission approved it (albeit with some addendums and revisions tacked on to the original), which means that the Bloomberg-championed master plan to cram more workers into taller towers in the area around Grand Central while using developer funds to make transit and public space upgradesfaces just one more hurdle?the City Council?before becoming a reality.

The commission's OK includes a newly added proviso that gives two developers the leeway to get a headstart on their towers: 425 Park Avenue and One Vanderbilt, respectively. Opponents of the plan range from preservationists and unionized hotel workers to some politicians and neighbors worried about overcrowding and adequate transportation infrastructure. Ahead of its own vote, which could happen in October or November, the City Council will hold public hearings?so get ready for some doozies.
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