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740 Park Duplex Upholsters Walls, Asks $29.5 Million

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740 Park Avenue is one of the most famously snobby, uptight, and wealthy apartment buildings in New York City, if not the world. As such, it's sort of difficult to know which residents own which specific apartments, however, we've read that insanely rich person David Koch owns apartment that is a duplex on the fourth and fifth floors of 740 Park (and also that he tips the doormen $50 at Christmas). The apartment pictured above, which includes matching upholstery on the sofas and walls, just went on the market for the second time since 2008 (first asking $38 million, now down to $29.5 million) and is also a duplex on the fourth and fifth floors of 740 Park. So who knows. Not us, certainly. We'd try to ask David Koch, but he would probably incinerate us with a laser gun that he paid a team of scientists a few billion dollars to make him, just for fun.

That said, here is a simple test that you can do if you ever find yourself in the same room as David Koch. Wait until he looks at you and then simply say the word wallpaper. If David Koch responds, "Wallpaper??? I loooooove wallpaper!" then this is probably his apartment.

UPDATE: 740 Park expert Michael Gross tells us that the apartment belongs not to David Koch but to investment banker Peter Huang.

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740 Park Ave

740 Park Avenue, New York, NY