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'Hell Building,' Now Sans Tumor, Might Be Sold Off, Torn Down

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Our favorite tumor-free warehouse-to-rentals conversion?okay, competition for that slot is limited, but still?might not be long for this world. Also known as the Carroll Gardens Hell Building, developer Isaac Fishman first filed permits to convert the notorious red-brick dame of Carroll Street back in 2005, only to erect a 40-foot addition from its top that flagrantly violated zoning laws. So painful was it to look at that it attracted an uncouth moniker: the tumor. It was torn down in 2009, and construction continued at a snail's pace. But in the photo above, taken yesterday, it does sport new lintels and freshly installed windows with the stickers still on. Better not peel them off yet, though, because now word comes from Brownstoner that another developer wants to swoop in, buy 333 mid-construction, and combine it with the lot at 337 Carroll Street next door, which sold for $12.5 million this spring and is currently home to the Regency Carts building. Insiders expect a condo project, which, if the site were expanded, could theoretically be bigger. Hence the saga continues for ol' 333... going to hell and back, quite literally, only to risk a total teardown.
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333 Carroll Street

333 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, NY