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Imagining Renovations of Three For-Sale NYC Properties

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Welcome to Floorplanning, a new Curbed column in which architect/designer Kristin Luks provides revised floorplans for listings recently featured on Curbed. Have a property to nominate? Let us know in comments or via the tipline.

First up, let's take a look at 115 Fourth Avenue, #5G. This is a fairly good-sized one-bedroom, but the congestion of small closets at the foyer and the two odd-angled walls make it less than desirable. Once the offending walls are removed, the closets can be reconfigured around an orthogonal hall, allowing for the expansion and re-design of the master bathroom. Additional closet space can be gained by moving the washer and dryer into the spacious kitchen. Models are now made with custom millwork doors so the stacked unit can blend in with the adjacent cabinetry. Once the dressing from is fitted out with millwork you've got yourself a pretty sweet one-bedroom.

Another one-bedroom that could use some help is 179 Columbia Heights, #1. The layout of the existing kitchen, bath, and dining room is poor and does not allow for easy traffic flow between the kitchen and living room. Also, who wants to enter the bathroom off of the dining room? If the kitchen and bathroom locations are swapped then the dining and kitchen really become one with the living room and suddenly the entrance to the bathroom can be off the hallway. The bedroom is made slightly narrower to accommodate a coat closet and stacked washer/dryer.

The last apartment for today is 529 East 84th Street, #3B. This apartment also has a lot of small closets off the entryway much like 115 Fourth Avenue. There are also too many hallways for such a small space and an additional odd stair condition (likely to accommodate plumbing) at the kitchen, entry, and dining room. Once the closets and hallways are removed, one hall linking the bath, kitchen and living room can be built and flanked with new storage. The kitchen and bathroom layouts are then reconfigured and both bedrooms receive new closets. The new bathroom floor has been built up to align to the kitchen and entry floors so that all spaces can be accessed off one hallway.
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