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Redesigned Park Avenue Townhouse Wants $18.9 Million

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This five-story (well, four stories and a newly added penthouse) townhouse on Park Avenue between 91st and 92nd streets was purchased by an LLC in 2004 for $5.55 million. The renovation that the new owners undertook most notably turned the the parlor floor into a sort of art gallery/entertainment space (the brokerbabble claims that it can "easily accommodate some 200 guests"), with an open living room leading into an open "library" (really just an extension of the living room with a wall of shelves) leading into an atrium, which in turn leads to a terrace. The rest of the house is for living in, with a master suite on the third floor, three more bedrooms on the fourth floor and penthouse level, and an eat-in kitchen and dining room on the ground floor. The facade, the listing claims, is the work of Emery Roth, which kind of makes you wonder what the inside looked like before the renovation and what might have been lost. But still, it's hard to argue that this is a very snazzy single-family townhouse in a very desirable location. And for all that (plus the elevator, which it behooves us to mention) the mysterious, hard-partying LLC is seeking $18.9 million.

· Listing: 1145 Park Avenue [Halstead]