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To Save Money In Brownstone Brooklyn, Buy A Wooden Home

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Perhaps we should have been able to spot this trend from the blog entirely dedicated to them, but wooden houses have now become a thing that is desirable. Besides the fact that they're quaint, adorable, and often come with both porches and vibrant facades... they're also less expensive than their stone-clad counterparts. (Ay, there's the rub.) The difference in asking prices for a brownstone and a wooden house in areas like Gowanus, Park Slope, and Greenpoint can be about $1 million?in a crazy market where houses are breaking records right and left (and center, too)?so that's some big savings.The Journal tracks down a few folks who've discovered that wood is good, because the prices are what some might call palatable ($1-$1.7M for a house), because there really isn't much other inventory out there, and because buyers for those other houses were making all-cash offers and entering bidding wars. The mid-19th century homes may need some fixing up, but the not-super-rich house hunters have no choice; as architectural historian Francis Morrone tells the WSJ: "People are pushing ever farther to the fringes of the really fashionable parts of Brooklyn... A few years ago, a lot of the people who are buying houses in Gowanus now would never have considered it."
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