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The Dakota's Crushed Velvet Paradise Sells for $1.75 Million

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High up in the attic, the first Mrs. Rochester of the Dakota, is a small apartment full of butterscotch-colored crushed velvet, stripes, and palm trees. The unit hit the market in September 2012 asking what seemed a high price: $2 million. (And for one of the building's former servant's quarters, no less!) But the apartment entered contract quickly, and a tipster points us to the closing documents for the deal. The Dakota's unit 80A sold for $1.75 million. The buyer is already the owner of another unit in the building, so perhaps he plans to use 80A as a guest suite, an office, or a place to sit in shorts and pretend it's summer in December.

· Crushed Velvet and a Palm Tree at the Dakota for $2 million [Curbed]

The Dakota

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