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Alec Baldwin Expands Devonshire House Empire with 1BR

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What a day for celebrity real estate. First Hathaway wants out of Dumbo, then Harris moves into Harlem, and now Alec Baldwin is staying right where he is in Greenwich Village and just buying up more space in the building he already lives in. As is his wont. Baldwin's Devonshire House compound, which we once compared to an amoeba because, with no clearly defined size or shape, it simply envelopes its surroundings, has gotten three rooms bigger. The actor paid $2.25 million ($100,000 over ask) for a modest 1BR/1BA on the 10th floor, which we had actually taken note of previously due to its terrible staging. Alec Baldwin doesn't give a crap about staging, though. It's an apartment in the Devonshire House and that's good enough for him. As for what he could possibly want with another apartment in that building, The Real Deal speculates that it's for his nanny, since Baldwin and his wife just had their first child, and that seems like a pretty solid guess.

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Devonshire House

28 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003