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Let's List Every Single Reason Apartment Hunting In NYC Sucks

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Apartment hunting in NYC is the worst, and College Humor has aptly captured why in a video titled, well, "Apartment Hunting in NYC is the Worst." It's like, your broker is three hours late, there's epic street noise, the agent can easily break into the apartment with a credit card, the listing photos are misleading, units that were supposed to be delivered renovated aren't, the fees that were supposed to not exist suddenly do, rental applications require so much more than simple documentation... and that's just a start. "The commute's a breeze! Ferry to ferry to submarine to Segway tour to the H train, which does not exist," the video's cheery, fast-talking broker exclaims in a dead-on imitation. She takes the weary apartment seeker to a five-floor walk-up, and to add insult to injury, adds "a five-floor climb up! You brought your harness, right?" Oh, and that much-touted outdoor space that all tenants share? Babbles the broker: "It's fantastic... you'll be sharing it with pedestrians, dogs, cyclists, really, anyone... It's the sidewalk." It's almost too close to home to be funny. Almost.
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