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Big Reveal: $1.25M For A 2BR 'Townhouse In the Sky' In ProCro

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Despite everyone's love of fighting over fake neighborhood names and debating the pros and cons of living in Crown Heights, there was very limited action on this week's Pricespotter. The property, described by the brokerbabble as a "townhouse in the sky," is located on the top floor of 524 Saint Johns Place at the corner of Classon Avenue in Crown Heights. No one got the asking price correct?it's list for $1.25 million?but several readers came close. Few opinions were voiced, but most thoughts that were shared were negative. "It is hardly a 'Townhouse in the Sky' with the dismal views it has. The odd configuration and lack of the true master bedroom are deal breakers." And someone spent a lot of time examining the kitchen counter: "The kitchen and dining area shows two stools pushed up to a kitchen counter as if it were a breakfast bar. But that counter has practically no overhang. So if anyone were to try to eat there, they'd have to lean way forward or else sit side-saddle on their stool and twist sideways to eat."

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