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Anne Hathaway Wants Out of Brand New Clocktower Unit

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Actress Anne Hathaway dreamed a dream of life on the Brooklyn waterfront, and made that dream a realty when she rented in Dumbo's Clocktower Building last March. This January, she purchased another Clocktower unit, a 3BR on the ninth floor, for $4.1 million. Then the tigers came at night. According to the Post, she never moved in and just used the apartment as a 2,592-square-foot walk-in closet. Instead, she remained with husband Adam Shulman in a different apartment in the building, presumably the one they were initially renting together, but really, who knows. "Insiders" and "spies" told the Post that Hathaway thought the unit was too big and made her "too visible," and also that "she doesn't want to be recognized and believes that she has too high a profile to be able to live in [Manhattan]," both completely reasonable sentiments that, at the same time, definitely sound like Things Anne Hathaway Would Say. Anyway, she just put the apartment back on the market for $4.5 million.

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1 Main Street

1 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201