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Selldorf's Sunset Park Recycling Plant to Open in October

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The Annabelle Selldorf-designed eco-friendly recycling facility at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal in Sunset Park is set to open in October, according to a report by the Times, after some initial delays. Selldorf, constrained by an $89 million budget, used inexpensive off-the-shelf steel for the plant, but managed to make everything look very elegant nonetheless, and the facility hopes to encourage visitors with an information center for day trips and a mezzanine in the main building where school kids can watch the materials get sorted. Other green aspects of the soon-to-be-LEED certified plant include the fact that the recyclables will be delivered via barges instead of trucks, "eliminating an estimated 70,000 truck trips annually from city streets," in addition to the largest application of solar panels in New York City, a wind turbine that will generate 25 percents of the facility's power, and bioswales for stormwater management, which will also collect rainwater and use it to irrigate the sites lawns. And speaking of the lawns, we're very disappointed to hear—or, rather, not hear—anything about the rumored plan to use goats for lawn maintenance. The rest of it is pretty great, though, so we'll let that slide.

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