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Cameron Diaz Shows Off Her Renovated West Village Pad

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The New York City real estate dealings of Cameron Diaz have never amounted to anything more than rumormongering, but the actress most definitely owns a Manhattan apartment?and Elle Decor's October issue (via Curbed National) gives us a good look inside, wherever it may be. According to the article, Diaz has owned the 2,400-square-foot prewar apartment for "several years"?a 2008 story in W magazine says she purchased "a West Village two-bedroom with an asking price of just under $3 million"?but she just recently decided to renovate. Diaz hired West Coast designer Kelly Wearstler to "give the space a healthy dose of Hollywood swagger."

The place was originally all white walls with "a vaguely nautical theme," and Wearstler made it over with a jewel tone palette of "burnished metals and lustrous minerals: malachite, onyx, rose gold, silver, and copper." The kitchen has "unsealed brass countertops and dramatic emerald-green cabinets," while the living room is outfitted with "rose-petal–color wallpaper and mirrored walls."

Click through to Curbed National for more photos and details. And thoughts on where Diaz's plush pad might be located are more than welcome in the comments.
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