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Former Feud, Future Park

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The residents of 1 Sutton Place South have tried, and tried again, to maintain the sanctity and privacy of a quarter-acre swath of green space between their ritzy building and the East River, home to so many lawn parties of yesteryear. But in the end, the city won this one, closing a deal in 2011 to take over most of the land and hiring architect/"therapeutic garden" specialist David Kamp to redo the park to the tune of $2M, a tab split by the building and municipal funds, before it goes public. Now we know when the park will open (fall 2015) and what it will include (a waterfront walkway lined with trees, benches, and game tables). Consider this feud resolved. [DNAinfo; previously]

1 Sutton Place South

1 Sutton Place South, New York, NY