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Ansonia Residents Band Together, Make Pie Charts

The residents of the Ansonia have, over the building's long history, banded together several times to fight for changes. A tipster passed along a link to the website of Ansonia Advocates, a new group that's trying to compile data and information for building residents. The group has sent out two mailings so far, both on the site, expressing frustration about the building's board, finances, and what the group perceives to be an overall lack of transparency regarding building operations. The pie chart above, from the group's first mailing, illustrates the January 2013 building owners' meeting "by time spent on each main category" of discussion. "The blue 'exploded' pie slices reflect the subjects where major, legally pertinent points of discussions were left out or misleadingly reported in the Minutes."

Among the Ansonia Advocates' specific concerns are high common charges compared to other buildings in the neighborhood, and a lack of financial details revealed regarding the building's recent lobby renovation and the designer hired for that renovation. Our tipster tells us the board's next meeting will include member elections, so we're sure these issues will come up then.
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