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One Man's Quest To Capture All 56 Brooklyn Neighborhoods

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An Australian transplant who settled in Brooklyn in 2002 is wrapping up a year-long project to document the 56 different neighborhoods of his adopted borough. David Dyte's Kickstarter campaign to put his photographs together into a 130-page coffee table book launched just last week, but he has already surpassed his $3,000 fundraising goal with 21 days left. Observes Dyte: "There are also thousands of hidden vistas, like a sleeping angel perched on a gravestone in Canarsie and shimmering, century-old glass half buried on Bottle Beach." The experience of photographing such a diverse area, he says, left him grappling with some issues, like where one neighborhood starts and another begins (oh, we know a little about border wars and evolving boundaries!) as well as whether some nooks and crannies even count as "proper" neighborhoods at all (Beverly Square East, or White Sands).

· As Seen in Brooklyn: One Photo Book, 56 Neighborhoods [Kickstarter]