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Councilwoman Brewer, Others Protest MSK Expansion Plan

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Yesterday, a small group of Upper East Siders staged a protest against a proposed expansion of Memorial Sloan-Kettering on York Avenue. The protestors included Councilwoman (and Manhattan beep candidate) Gale Brewer and City Council District 5 candidate Ed Hartzog, who referred to the planned cancer center and hospital complex as an unnecessary "vanity project" that will "strangle" the neighborhood with congestion and that doesn't give anything back to the community."

In May, Community Board 8 approved zoning changes for the project, a move that emboldened these protestors and their group, Residents for Reasonable Development, who claim that the vote was too close to accurately reflect the feelings of the community. In any event, it's probably worth reiterating that Brewer and Hartzog are both running for office . . . take from that what you will.
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