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Inside the Renovation of an Apartment at The Albert

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The Albert may have an extensive history, including the merger of several hotels, a design by Dakota architect Henry J. Hardenbergh, and a conversion to residential. Among the guests over the years were Robert Louis Stephenson and Hart Crane. But really, the renovation of a co-op in a building with such an illustrious history poses the same basic challenges as in any other building: how to open and modernize a space that feels out-of-date. The architects at Tirmizi Campbell are behind the renovation of the above 800-square-foot loft in the building, which kept the original brickwork and most of the layout. Both owners and architects wanted "a clean, contemporary feeling" to the space.

The architects?who had done several other renovation projects in the building?exchanged the drywall in the apartment's loft area for wood and cables and opened up the kitchen while keeping the apartment's layout the same, thanks to an under-the-stair storage area and refrigerators under the counter.

Here's what the space looked like before the renovation:

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