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Block-Long Development Site For Sale Beside Hudson Yards

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Yet another skyscraper could rise near Hudson Yards on Manhattan's west side. Crain's reports that a large development site owned along 10th Avenue between 34th and 35th Streets is being shopped around, and it can accommodate a 1,800-foot tall, 1.2-million-square-foot mixed-use building with 200,000-square-feet of residential. The property is owned by the Rosenthal family, and it sits next to a similarly sized parcel owned by Sherwood Equities (which recently sold a different Hudson Yards site to Frank McCourt). Sherwood is not marketing their land, but if the buyer of the Rosenthal's property is interested, they would consider selling.

According to Crain's, Sherwood "has planned to develop a single super-tower on the two parcels in partnership with the Rosenthals" for years. If the sites are developed together, they could accommodate 2.5-million-square-feet. Most of the development would be required to be commercial, but 400,000-square-feet of residential would be permitted. Massey Knakal has been hired too market the property—which consists of 435 10th Avenue, 507 West 34th Street, and 510-28 West 35th Street—and they tapped MJM+A Architects to imagine the possible "Hudson Spire" supertower that could rise on the site, pictured above. The site could sell for more than $200 million. Will Related Companies continue to expand its west side empire? Or will another developer pick up the property?
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