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Harlem's Tallest Buildings Will Look Like a Sci-Fi Castle

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The new designs for 1800 Park Avenue, the development formerly known as Harlem Park, were recently unveiled at a Community Board 11 meeting, and let's just say they're a good deal more interesting than developer Ian Bruce Eichner's other big project that's currently in the works. Eichner, who seems to have a penchant for very tall buildings, has tapped architects ODA for the design of the two towers that, at 32 stories and 320 feet, will be Harlem's tallest. The rows of setbacks appear to be ODA's new thing but, in the case of 1800 Park, they look particularly odd next to the boxy neighboring tower.

The Community Board's concerns focused not on the height, but on the amount of affordable housing that the towers would provide. The project had originally committed to the 80/20 plan, with 380 market-rate rentals and 120 affordable ones, but now the numbers have changed, and Eichner's Continuum Company is guaranteeing only 70 affordable apartments out of 650 total units (11 percent). The developers are still trying to find financing for the $415 million project.
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