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Columbia Wants Obama's Presidential Library, Angers Chicago

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Crain's reports that Columbia University is making a bid to house Obama's presidential library and could throw as much as $500 million towards the pricey project, which would be built after he leaves office. The leader of the free world is among the college's most famous alums—remember, he lived in that $180/month apartment while doing undergrad there, taking showers at the gym because he often had no hot water.

Though officials declined to comment, "sources" say the school and its president, Lee Bollinger, are super-serious about luring the library to land on or near the Morningside Heights campus, despite the fact that Chicago is extraordinarily possessive about Obama's past and thinks of itself as the only option. Curbed Chicago's headline on the topic? "Asswipes At Columbia Think Obama's Library Should Be in NYC." Real mature, guys. The Windy City already has a plan for where to put it, so architects, please send some fantastical, purely hypothetical ideas our way. A firm decision will be made, at the earliest, after the midterm elections this November. Let the library battles begin!
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