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Chunk of Orchard Street Hell Building Falls Off, Hits Car

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The Orchard Street Hell Building can now add "Dropped a piece of lumber through the rear windshield of a parked car" to its long list of misdeeds. The still-under-construction building, which will one day be a Hotel Indigo, was hit with a stop work order after, according to Department of Buildings records, a five-foot-long 4x3 piece of lumber detached from the site and landed on a car parked on Ludlow Street, shattering the rear windshield.

A comprehensive summary of Orchard Street Hell Building's career highlights from 2004-2009 can be found here. And it looks like we're about due for another one:

2009: With plans to build some sort of weird strip mall not panning out, the site once again hits the market as a potential hotel.

2009: The hotel across the street starts complaining about the site's hideousness. In response, developers Misrahi Realty commission a street artist to paint a mural on it.

2010: After long period of inactivity, the currently-two-story building starts showing signs of life, with mysterious construction noises and windows.

2010: The building somehow lands a tenant, fashion label Teri Jon.

2011: The site sells for $46 million to a couple of new developers, who revive the hotel idea.

2012: For the design, the developers tap architects Isaac & Stern, who, incidentally, will go on to create these two designs.

2013: The two-story building is demolished.

2013: The hotel is rising fast, and also getting hit with full and partial stop work orders for improper/lack of structural support on columns in the mezzanine and sub-cellar levels and who knows what else.

2014: The thing with the lumber and the car and the windshield.

And that brings us up to date. Here's to a great 2014 for the Orchard Street Hell Building.
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